About Maria Christina


I’m a storyteller who’s spent the last two decades writing about vulnerability and empathy.

Maria Christina is an experienced published author who specializes in crafting exceptional stories and content for a variety of industries. Whether it’s a press release, blog post, or a novel, Maria Christina can craft words that bring your vision to life. 

Η διάδραση είναι βασικός λόγος που γράφω. Γράφω επειδή έτσι αναπνέω και επειδή έτσι ελπίζω να διασχίσω προς τον έκαστο “άλλον”.




I write from a stream of consciousness.
I write poetry (not an effortless experience), 
I write novels ( entertaining experiences), short stories, and plays (my favorite experience). 
I even wrote my master's thesis (challenging experience) which was on "Museum experience for visually impaired people. Inclusion or exclusion?"
I also penned three dissertation proposals. (A failed experience but I wouldn't change it for anything.)
I love reading and talking about ALL kinds of books and literacy.

Because a writer is first and foremost a reader.

                                                                                                                                                                             M C G